The aim of this survey is to have a better understanding of what journalists need to know about safety and risk management in their work. Previous studies have learned important elements both commonly present or often lacking in traditional HEFAT training. This survey seeks to learn the current needs of all journalists but centers visual journalists specifically in a post-COVID world with regard to safety training and general access to safety knowledge. The survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your time.

This survey is being conducted by visual journalist and professor Tara Pixley, Ph.D. via the support of the Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowship (RJI). It is part of a yearlong project to assess the safety training needs of visual journalists and to build a comprehensive database of journalist safety resources that will be housed at the Source of Safety website.

Source of Safety is an in-progress database that produces, compiles and organizes checklists, tips, gear advice, and other necessary security training elements for all journalists, including freelancers and students, with an emphasis on equity and ethics. It is intended to be a globally networked resource that centers transparency and accessibility in addressing specific risk management tools, techniques and considerations for journalists with diverse bodies and backgrounds reporting in a variety of environments.